Cedar Rapids, Iowa

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Elven Walker IV is currently the Linebackers Coach at Coe College in Cedar Rapids. He has 5 years of coaching under his belt - learning from some of the best coaches across the country! He is a former Eastern Illinois University Division I athlete, participating in football and track and field. He holds a Bachelor's degree in Kinesiology and Sport Science, and he is working towards a Certification in Physical Education. 

Morgan Mammosser is a gym manager and personal training director as well as a head volleyball coach at Cedar Rapids Washington High School. She is a certified personal trainer and boot camp instructor, and she has been coaching for eight years. She’s also a former Division I athlete from Illinois State University where she played volleyball. She currently holds a Bachelor's in Public Relations and a Master's in Sport Management. 

ICANFLY is committed to bringing out the fearless and special athlete in all of us. We're here to propel you to new physical and mental heights by customizing your personal and sport-specfic training.